Tuesday, November 2, 2010

BEMOSA to present airport security research findings at Airport Exchange 2010

BEMOSA (Behavior Modeling for Security in Airports) will present key findings from its research on how security arrangements in airports really work at Airport Exchange 2010.
During the event, Prof. Avi Kirschenbaum, a world expert in disaster management and initiator and coordinator of BEMOSA, will make a presentation to the ACI EUROPE Aviation Security Committee. At the presentation, Kirschenbaum will share BEMOSA’s breakthrough research with a large segment of global airport authorities. More than 100 airport authorities will be represented at the event.

“In our discussions with the ACI EUROPE Aviation Security Committee, we identified the current gaps in our knowledge and practice. As we all know, security-related incidents occur truly incidentally and far apart,” said Prof Kirschenbaum. “But when they occur, they can be devastating in both human and material expenses. Airport staff have to be absolutely ready to handle them.”

Prof. Kirschenbaum added that at that critical time, there may be no time to consult a supervisor or handbook.

“In order to prevent and handle emergencies, we must ensure that our airport staff – and not only our security staff – remain alert and motivated, in short: to remain sharp,” said Prof. Kirschenbaum. “Alertness and motivation are two key tools in providing security, in addition to skills and expertise, to respond immediately to a security threat or incident. That is what BEMOSA is all about.”