Monday, February 28, 2011

BEMOSA to host special workshop on airport security in Brussels

The BEMOSA (Behavior Modeling for Security in Airports) consortium will hold an open workshop on applying human factors to airport security in Belgium on Wednesday, May 25, 2011.

The event is specifically designed to meet the needs of airport security professionals, airport management officials, human resources and operations, providers of airport security services, providers of airport security training services, public officials and policy makers. The free-of-charge workshop will take place at the offices of the European Commission, Rue du Champs de Mars 21 in Brussels in room SDR1, Building CDMA (Floor –1).

Topics will include among others:
  • Challenges to airport security
  • Airport security training
  • Trends in EU regulation and legislation
  • Lessons from field studies in European airports
The workshop will discuss the implications of operation, legislation and training of airport employees, as well as avenues for further research.

BEMOSA will present updated results from a recent survey conducted in European airports, with a special emphasis on the principles of social networking applied to airport security.

Through this workshop, BEMOSA will be able to obtain an evaluation by experts of the principles of applying human factors and social networking to security and comments from stakeholders.

It is obligatory for participants to register for the event before May 18, 2011.